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Pols, Falco – ArtScience
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PROJECT Stamper & Tikkers

In search of spatial sonic qualities of spaces in the academy, by scraping, ticking on walls and windows, stamping on floors and clapping; in the entrance hall of the Bleijenburg building a powerful resonance was found, reaching through the walls of the building. A heavy wooden block came to mind, which is lifted up to hit the floor in a certain tempo. Also outdoor spaces were analyzed; the windows and brick walls of the courtyard were subject for 200 ticking electromagnets. In order to compose between the two they were brought together. The Tikkers will be around the entrance at Bleijenburg, where there will be a dialogue between the Stamper and them. This way creating a site-specific communication between sound, material, form and rhythm.

THESIS Noises of Our World

This thesis is about noise music and about noise in general. To define noise in a unifying way is not possible, so the thesis first goes through the different forms of noise, then follows the history of noise music, from the first instances in primitive human life, to the present. Last, the thesis covers personal interests and own work, making connections between the subjects and conclusions covered during the research and writing of the thesis.

(BA) ArtScience

Pols, Falco

The Netherlands

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