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Blugerman, Natali – ArtScience
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PROJECT Light observatory

I’ve been experimenting with natural and artificial light for many years, and I believe in the power of both for giving us another understanding of the universe we are part of. I use natural light as a raw force and contextualise it to create a transcendental experience with which I aim to un-shape static notions of how we see and perceive the universe, in order to open up more possibilities.

THESIS Unlearning through light

If what we see happens in our heads, how can I make people lose their own limits and start to experience the rawness of light as an element? How can I create awareness that the way we see things depends on our own limits? There’s so much more to see than what we allow ourselves to believe we see. I want to open this threshold. My last works have been about creating settings where people meet natural light in very raw ways to get as little distracted with images as possible. This way I hope to evoke a whole new consciousness to appear: one concerning light and our close intimacy with it.

(BA) ArtScience

Blugerman, Natali


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