Chaguidouline, Anastasia – Fine Arts
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PROJECT I wish I was a punkrocker

This is the end ― The end of this road ― The end of shadows that enter the light. At last I can tell ― At last you will listen ― What I did ― And how I felt. About the illusions of ― Who I am. An intimate story shared in a performative installation. Two actions are performed in the space to add an experiential dimension. It is a story about dreams, fears, culture and experience. It is an “invitation au voyage”: travel with me to a long forgotten tale of freedom.

THESIS Sadness in me

“Sadness in Me” is a research about sadness. I started to write from a personal perspective. After looking into sadness as a cultural leitmotiv, as a condition, as something sublime or something beautiful, I ended with sadness as experienced through empathy. Empathy comforts maybe even transforms sadness. As an addition to the research I inserted letters, or ‘Intermezzi’ for the reader. These are personal poems or stories that tell about sadness in various ways. In the end I learned to embrace the beauty of sadness and draw the reader to do so too.

(BA) Fine Arts

Chaguidouline, Anastasia


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