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PROJECT Errors Reproduce Themselves

A statement illustrating the complexities of our world while inducing the viewers to reflect and maybe act upon them. Imposing my order on the disorders of reality, a form creating meaning out of chaos and accumulation. I want to draw maps ― real maps or allegorical ones ―to highlight the structure that can be extracted or deducted from the accidental random appearance of things. Echoes from the world framed through my filtering mind.

THESIS Form Matters

Should art be democratic, that is easily accessible, interesting, attractive, relevant to each and every individual in society? What is art to society? Should the artist be actively involved, as an artist, in the world he lives in? And in which way? Aware of the need for practical, concrete, immediate solutions to the immense difficulties a lot of our fellow human beings experience. Can the artist play some role in alleviating these difficulties? Maybe giving structure and meaning to the expression of pain, anger and revolt? I looked for answers to my questions in the works and reflections on the meaning of art of three artists thinkers: Pierre Bourdieu, Guy Debord and Thomas Hirschhorn.

(BA) Fine Arts

De Benedictis, Anatole


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