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Kaufmann, Bas – Fine Arts
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PROJECT Vuelta a España

I make sculptures the way like the wanderer’s becoming. It is the way to become it rather than the being of it. The form has the intention to take shape like the landscape that you see from an objective point of view. It is like the church on the hill when Nairo Quintana was eager to win the moral over the everlasting champion in the name of Chris Froome.

THESIS Swankie town

It is a document that contains my thoughts and writings about how I experience the artworld and its reflection upon my own political/ethical/artistic opinion to what I see. Subjects as free market economy and its positioning into our political system is part of that content as for my personal encountered subjects that contradict and have similarities with this opinion. Subjects like martial arts, folk music and football come to speak here.

(BA) Fine Arts

Kaufmann, Bas

The Netherlands


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