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PROJECT The seeing eye will urge the using hand

I make ceramic objects attempting to investigate their practical and abstract qualities, the trancendentality of objects and their relationship with the user. The relationship between the object and the user is narrated through performance ― through use I want to approach the secrets of beauty that are contained in objects. Research on the folkloric and the construction of national identity refers to my interest in genealogy as an historical technique in which one questions the commonly understood emergence of truths. Objects can also be carriers of these constructions and their contradictory nature.

THESIS How does the unlettered craftsman produce beauty?

My thesis manifests a desire for the revival of craftsmanship, searching for the human quality during the creative process that goes beyond the intended construction of the visual. Using as a case study the life and work of Soestu Yanagi founder of the mingei (Japanese folkcraft), who explored the traditional Japanese appreciation for “objects born, not made”. Introducing concepts such as Foucault’s heteropia concerning our relationship to the object and the Nietzschean perspective on genealogy referring to the becoming of the object. Beyond the construction of visual identity there lies an intuitive desire for beauty which determines the craftsman to create. The work of the craftsman perseveres unto the daily life of the user.

(BA) Fine Arts

Bado, Candela


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