Dmyszewicz, Daniel – Fine Arts
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PROJECT Zab zac zaa zah zaf zaj zae zad zai

There was a man who filled his house with sculptures, he had made them because he wanted to live with them, to keep them close to him. No one had seen or known about the sculptures untill he passed away and his house was opened by others. If aliens would appear and ask “what is going on here, you are killing each other, people are starving, what good have you done?” I would say “Well, we have culture, we have what we have made”.

THESIS To be free in connecting the dots

I propose a new way of perceiving conspiracy theory, not as delusional ideas produced by delusional people, but as a creative and valuable phenomenon of our culture.

(BA) Fine Arts

Dmyszewicz, Daniel

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 3040 9837


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