Debbie Young – Fine Arts
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PROJECT 'Renaissance of the Decadents'

Everything fragments due to the cyclical nature of time. Decay is the visual evidence of this fragmentation ― proving that preservation of this is impossible. Post-digital revolution, now comes an inevitable dark-age; an inability to cope, and a rejection of this new un-natural form of communication we have developed. The decline in religious faith and skilled crafts has brought to light the potential damage technology could have on humanity’s overall life satisfaction. Therefore, a nostalgic desire to take a step back to a slower-paced, 'more simple' time is evident. With new technologies making possible a form of control and surveillance, a decline in trust and freedom is percolating throughout the collective consciousness.

THESIS Do humans cause detrimental effects on a wall's consciousness?

A pseudo-scientific, fictional psychology report shining doubt on the trust we place in scientific jargon. With science as the new religion, society tends to have complete faith in its preaching. Written word is often mistaken for fact, however with information being so readily available on the internet - much of it ends up being skewed. The aim of this work is to make the reader begin to question information they receive from any source, and where to draw the line between fact and fiction.

(BA) Fine Arts

Debbie Young



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