Comendant, Dinu – Fine Arts
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PROJECT The Walking Thinker

I try to “reanimate” stop motion animation by using my surroundings as the context and background for the happening. A way of storytelling where time, distance and space have different properties; still connected to physical reality but but they go beyond into a metanarrative. The distance between me and the outer world can be vast so the “walking thinker” functions as an intermediator between the two. The Neolithic inspired statue was born in Moldova and travels through layers of reality to the Netherlands; it is a facet of my social body. I allow the surroundings to interact and guide the character. It is a crucial part of the process not to know what is going to happen next. This free spirited unfolding is an invitation to slow down and observe.

THESIS The Ways of In-Between

I am wondering if it is possible, in artistic practice, to reject all personal and cultural conditioning which accepts authority (taking as example my own self-reflection and self-enquiring related to the conditioning of being born in an East European (post-Soviet) country and its respective impulses encountered on the way to my present artistic practice). Can one be consistent in oneself irrelevant of circumstances? Can one’s behavior spring from within and not depend on what people think of you or how they look at you?

(BA) Fine Arts

Comendant, Dinu

Republic of Moldova

0031 (0)6 2831 9967


Internship at LhGWR (Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus) Gallery, The Hague