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Hardeman, Doris – Fine Arts
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PROJECT The weight as such

Around us all subjects are mastered and marked by time. Think of the obvious; tree-rings, stretch-marks, glaciers. For instance in a rock, time is archived in the layers of sediment, into this silent, mute mass. A fossil is literally a time capsule, a creature petrified forever, a momentum, solidified forever. I long to catch this moment, when the clay takes shape, moulded by my hands, determined to become a conserved momentum. As if existing inside a newtons cradle, swaying back and forth through time and space. There is no beginning and there is no end, here is just the momentum, the act of the hands. As they attempt to create an environment where the ticking of the clock becomes trivial, where the viewer can step in to take a breath.

THESIS Expanding fields, contracting shields

It is inevitable, in life we experience, from the moment we leave the womb until death do us part. This experience works as an interplay between man and space, as a diptych they belong together; on your left looking at ‘the field’ (the spacial element) and on the right seeing ‘the eyes’ (the physiological element). In my thesis I am exploring both elements and try to find where these two parts come together, for that is the core of the experience itsself. As we perceive we are addressing our senses, we let our body explain to our minds what is happening. The body becomes a space in itself for experiencing as it becomes a mediator between the space and the brain.

(BA) Fine Arts

Hardeman, Doris

The Netherlands

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