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Steinbusch, Edmond – Fine Arts
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PROJECT Un soir moiré

Although memories can sit in your mind in perfect clarity, it is sometimes difficult to explain why some have a special significance. A moment from your childhood can lose its power if you go back to the place where it happened. So my most cherished memories are linked to persons or places that are no longer there. There is a drive to experience those memories ― maybe it comes from a need to immortalise that lost world. Here there is a certain tragedy. Realistically, immortality does not exist, but the illusion can be a welcome painkiller.

THESIS Sanatorium

The sanatorium. Both itself as a vanished memory and as a whole other world of thought and feeling. A hidden world secluded in the woods. For the inmates the incredible thought that you might disappear there for years. As a strategy for survival the whole concept of time had to take a different form. Time in all its manifestations, I see as a building with a main block and annexes linked by corridors. And filled with my memories, interspersed with anecdotes and the vanished history of my home region.

(BA) Fine Arts

Steinbusch, Edmond

The Netherlands

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