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PROJECT אֶשׁכּוֹלִ "Concentration"

Graduation project intends to raise the main issue that any of existing beliefs, ideologies, theories or religions are no better than the other. As Íeva Radví­la says: “I am a very spiritual person, but spirituality is something in the air... It is something that everyone feels and understands in different levels or degrees.” Spirituality relates to Christianity the same way as to the New Age. You may call it the degree of concentration. Spirituality is the highest level of concentration, nothing else. That is Íeva’s religion and this graduation project will try to portray it.

THESIS אֱמוּנָה אשאבפלֶת "The Other Religion"

Thesis consists of two major parts. It starts with the brief description of the author herself and the relationship to אֱמוּנָהאשאבפלֶת (“The Other Religion”). Eventually, an imaginary (“flex-documentary”) script follows after consisting of bizarre/non-existent instructions on how to build a “Wind Organ House”, historical facts about perfect society for perfect people or invented philosophical ideology named פֶּרַח (“Flower”) with written guideline on how to become a plant of your own choice. The second part of the thesis plays supportive theoretical role. It is focused on the paganism in Lithuania (XIV c.) and Nigerian Igbo religion (XIX c.) It explains how forced christianisation tripped up the development of the cultural identity.

(BA) Fine Arts

Radvila, Ieva


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