Charalambous, Iliada – Fine Arts
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PROJECT Tell me about countries that sound like the sea IV

Through the medium of sculpture and installation art, I engage with cultural symbols of my country of origin, Cyprus and the Mediterranean region. The symbols are presented through my personal reflection on them and the influence that their archetypal forms excercise on contemporary society, in regards to political factors and questions concerning the cultural identity of a place; in an attempt to draw the link between history and the contemporary social situation in this region.

THESIS Katagogi

In a rapidly changing scenery of politics and internationalism, the questions on immigration and the cultural identity in regards to individual identity are filled with urgency. In my thesis, I am discussing issues which resonate with the personal perception of concepts such as immigration, contemporary politics, and the cultural identity of individuals within the framework of a multicultural society.

(BA) Fine Arts

Charalambous, Iliada



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