van Aarle, Irene – Fine Arts
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Growing up was a wonderful and carefree experience for me. I grew up during the wealth of the 90s, always had lots of friends and nothing to worry about. But when puberty hit, I found that I was struggling with my suddenly changing body. The struggle is over now, but the great interest in the human physique is something that has remained. I’m fascinated by the human body and I want to share that fascination. I use film, photography and performance art to create situations, images or ‘sculptures’ that make the body function as an artwork itself, both literally and metaphorically. I try to make my artwork a home for my body, as I once had to find a home in my body itself.

THESIS De Aanwezige Kunstenaar?

My thesis, written in Dutch, is about my search of the bodily present artist. By studying the works of some of the greatest performance artists I try to find the answer to the question if the body of the artist can just be a presence without referring to other events or meanings. Applying the theory of semiotics I come closer to my answer.

(BA) Fine Arts

van Aarle, Irene

The Netherlands

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