Cornevin, Jerome – Fine Arts
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PROJECT Hearing rhythmic gestures. A pattern which occupies a whole number of pulses in an underlying dependency of needs

In my work you can see an expanding scenario that is strictly temporary. A major role in the work is actual time and dependency. Here I made a choreography out of fragmentations of objects, movements and sounds. By accessing the choreography occurs a dependency between the audience and the objects. Here I make sure the audience becomes passive or active in relation to the fragmented objects and elements in the work. Both audience and objects are replaceable. The fragility of the objects and the repetition of material image and sound. To let you question your position as a viewer. Fragmentation of images, both moving images and sound translated into composition provides a playful approach according to this topic.

THESIS What is the role of the public according to a spatial art work?

In my thesis I was looking for the role of the public according to spatial art works. I started with looking at two-dimensional works. Looking more at direct elements like color shape and form. For example I researched paintings of Frank Stella, all based on color and repetition. The repetition into these paintings were an important part in my thesis. This brought me to a more mental state of a work. Looking at how a work is placed into a space. How this relates to the position of the viewer. I was looking at choreography, theatre and happenings in art works as well. How the viewer can become active and passive depending on the position of the work. And at the end, how the art work should function on its own to communicate to the audience.

(BA) Fine Arts

Cornevin, Jerome

The Netherlands



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