Gieben, Jessie – Fine Arts
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PROJECT 'Everybody is a Nobody'

The human psyche and society are my main sources of inspiration. I have found that these are the never-ending battlegrounds between male and female, order and chaos and ratio versus emotion/instinct. It is mesmerizing that even though one does not exist without the other, they often seem in conflict, and how one’s identity is being shaped and formed through the outcome of these conflicts. Within my work I show different elements of conflict by using a variety of texts, colors and materials and search for certain balance in the mayhem.

THESIS Wederkerigheid in kunst/reciprocity in art

For my thesis I researched the relationship between the artist, the artwork and the spectator. From a psychological approach I deconstructed the dynamics of the relationship between those three entities and showed the importance of having a reciprocal relationship and how autonomy is one of the key-ingredients.

(BA) Fine Arts

Gieben, Jessie

The Netherlands

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