Siemons, Judith – Fine Arts
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PROJECT Psychedelic art depression

Based on culture, individuality and identity. This work represents several things that define me. It involves themes such as fashion, shamanistic ceremonies, parties, social media, gender etc. I chose to create several works with the use of various kinds of media. They represent the results of different extremes researched in several cultures. “Psychedelic art depression” is a theme that explains the difficulties of this transformational processes. A free spirit which is soul searching but is functioning in a social system which contains labeling, pressure and judging. I’ve experienced many different artist’s blocks and in this work I try to embrace all the flows of energies that have been forming me and in doing so, celebrating who I am.

THESIS The process of the artist

I decided to research my belief systems. I wanted to create an awareness of all the concepts that are attached to the cultures I am part of. I asked myself, what do I define as the truth? Better said, what defines me? To position myself as an artist in the society I dissected my Ego. That personal process is reflected in my thesis. I sat down typing all the thoughts I believed in at that very moment. What do I think of labels? What do I think of Jesus Christ? Later, I realized that I was ending up in mental loops. Mental loops that continually resulted in the word: love. I decided to distance myself from conceptual thinking, by intuitively drawing symbols on top of the text that represent a manifesto against my own belief system.

(BA) Fine Arts

Siemons, Judith

The Netherlands

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Internship at Kiki art