Sidorova, Katerina – Fine Arts
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PROJECT The Feat. Act 6: The Chapel

The hero is needed. You make up the hero. You’re blaming the hero, preparing the hero. Why is he needed? What is he doing? He’s doing a labor. What is his labor? He builds a Chapel. The hero is mortal. The Chapel will fall down, just like the hero. Just like you are mortal. Who is your hero? You are the hero. Are you the hero? Then why are you mortal? The hero is needed. Where is a hero? Where is a hero when he is needed?

THESIS How to stop being human: Guidelines for becoming a squirrel

The search for the borderline between the animalistic and the human, the blissful unknowing and the realization of one’s mortality, the seen and the perceived. The self-help book, teaching how to escape one’s own kind. The diary, shedding light on the reasons why did I ever want to be a squirrel.

(BA) Fine Arts

Sidorova, Katerina


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