Chen, Kiem Loon – Fine Arts
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PROJECT Untitled

Every night a dream appears to me, where the past replays and lingering thoughts wander the mind. Moments where you lose self-awareness, were time and place have no meaning, where dreams feel as if it was real and sometimes the reality, the reality becomes nothing more than an illusion. Like a room you entered, befuddled as to what your purpose for entering it means, promising yourself to return once you recalled the purpose of your original trip. In the project, Kiem Loon Elvis John Chen wants to draw the viewer into his world, into his work as monumental as possible. So that the viewer becomes a part of the installation/theater work and also becomes part of a memory of the artwork.

THESIS The Living Life of Reflection

In this thesis I wanted to analyse the work of Louise Bourgeois, Frida Kahlo, Tracy Emin and Otobong Nkanga. Using these 4 artists as a vehicle for my investigation about the work and the different types of memories, this thesis demonstrates how fragments of memories can be layered onto each other, where it can draw the relationships between the past and the work. To analyze the experience and memory in order to try to have a relation between my work. In return, one can have a better understanding of the relationship that is the representation of the perception of a memory.

(BA) Fine Arts

Chen, Kiem Loon


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