Haviland, Molly – Fine Arts
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PROJECT The God Chapters

When the world of the end comes Will you be there with me daddy I want my daddy to see it with me Whats it gonna look like when it happens daddy I don’t want no fire to scratch my eyes Scratch your soul more like Will we meet all the people in hevan Lord knows I don’t even know how to spell heavn So when the devil has scratched my soul Will it be dark and black Black like the tar drippin Lord knows will I still have my daddy to hold me tight Lord knows I didn’t even had a chance to had a baby yet And hold an baby of my own Will you hold my soul baby daddy I know I lived a sinful life Why im not tryna run When the world of the ends comes You kno people are gonna be crawlin ontop of each other like flies.

THESIS D.I.Y. Reality – a rough guide

It begins in a chippy. I soak the potatoes in salt and vinegar, not just any old chips the proper fat kind. It’s the day so were not just in any chip shop, were in a proper chippy. No fast food abra kebabra (my local kebab shop) shit after a pissed night out, here you go for cheesy chips. Here it’s the more slutty (meaning the more sleazy), greasy kind. The ones you shove down your gob (mouth) as quick as possible. The fine nuances of a chip, and I realise that much like the chips that I am looking at which are sweating in salt and vinegar, it is a metaphor for me sweating in this English hellhole. A D.I.Y. REALITY is necessary.

(BA) Fine Arts

Haviland, Molly

United Kingdom

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