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Suzie van Staaveren – Fine Arts
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PROJECT Ik ben een fokking kind in het paradijs.

Taking a fluid approach and working on several things at the same time gives me a clear playing field and more interaction with the material. You see several sculptures with a re-composable existence. I see these objects like shapeshifters that float in between categories like tool, product and sculpture. I found that I strongly relate to the idea of –¹–¹Richard Artschwager when he explains that there was a point were the things he made were no longer useful or useless, but merely his daily companions. When the object is freed from categories and becomes a companion it feels like it truly becomes alive. I do not want to move into a specific way but I want to find the place between borders were I can stand still like a child in paradise.

THESIS The artistic strategies of Richard Artschwager.

Making many things over a period of years I became lost in the role I had sought out for myself and arrived at a kind of disoriented freedom in which the things I made were no longer useful or useless, but simply my daily companions along with the place where I worked and the people who worked with me. “Richard Artschwager” This is a search into the artistic methods of Richard Artschwager. I can relate to him in my own search for personal and artistic formulas and understanding of things. I recognize similar topics explained in different words. Artschwager found answers where I am left with open ends.

(BA) Fine Arts

Suzie van Staaveren

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 1756 5628


Internship at Fabian Bredt