Brown, Tom – Fine Arts
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PROJECT West to East, East to West

My work deals with the first person experience, the small moments in life that make our experience unique. In the past I have documented many journeys, usually from Holland to England and back. This time, I wanted to throw myself in at the deep end and travel to a strange and distant land. Since I did not leave Europe for fifteen years, I felt that China would seem to be a rather different and strange land and so I packed my bags and off I went. The project deals with the culture shock as well as how we communicate in these days of extremely rapid digital communications. From beautiful vistas to smog choked skies, smiling people and stone faced guards, it’s been a journey of extremes, revealing lessons to be learnt and a glimpse to the future.

THESIS Three Essays on Story Telling

My thesis takes the form of three essays, dealing with the cultural and human development of storytelling as a medium to exchange information and arts growth from this exchange. The ramifications of the massive influence that technology has had and continues to have upon fine art. Finally, where the future of story telling lies and art might be taken. I believe that story telling is one of the greatest gifts we have as a species, allowing us to learn and enjoy. Many books and essays were read as part of the research for my thesis and it was a truly rewarding experience. This all will be of great use to my own craft of telling stories.

(BA) Fine Arts

Brown, Tom

United Kingdom

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