Mulder, Alice – Graphic Design
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PROJECT The Anthropocene

Who owns this planet? Since the human species has spread across planet Earth, we have consistently (ab)used animals, nature, air, water and the Earth’s resources for our own prosperity. But what kind of world has that greed created? The consequences of our actions are already wildly visible. If we don’t change our role right now, this reckless behaviour could be the end of literally all life as we know it. This project critiques the negative effects of mankind’s dominant presence on the world around us. Are we really going to keep consuming until we choke?

THESIS You can't be, what you can't see

Women contribute to half of the world’s population, yet still they are somehow invisible at some levels of society. In this thesis I research the feminine identity and the way it’s been crafted by media and psychology. Where does the subordinate position of women as housewives or part-time employees come from, and are we used to the way women are being represented in the media? By representing subgroups, or rather, pigeonholing types of people on television and in magazines, large corporations can flourish, but do we just accept that? By changing our subconsciousness and way of portraying women in mass-media, it can be argued that a woman’s role in society could drastically change/improve.

(BA) Graphic Design

Mulder, Alice

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 4961 8313


Internship at Werkplaats Amsterdam/MOTI, Museum of the Image/De Kijm & Zonen