Houieh, Amir – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Re- a modular content-driven web browser

“Re-” as a new web browser alters the new way of surfing and consuming the web. “Re-” empowers the user to embrace the content of the web pages as well as the design and way how content is shown. “Re-”is a modular platform within which users can decide what type of content of a webpage they see. This becomes true by creating and adding content modules to the browser. Consequently: “Re-” becomes a super minimal browser which is faster, more reliable and more efficient in terms of data-consumption by cutting off all the noises from a webpage’s content.

THESIS Design as Metadata

Today the web has faced designers with a new paradigm in which the prior reader has become the user ― the person who experiences the web content; produces content as well as consumes it. Therefore, the user experiences and intentionality has transcended more than ever, meaning the graphic designer has to become the future innovator in order to affect the message. Hence, within my thesis, in order to reflect upon the agency of the designer in contents of the web future I propose an idea about implementation of design within the content as a metadata.

(BA) Graphic Design

Houieh, Amir


0031 (0)6 8458 6553


Internship at MindDesign, Amsterdam