Jilderda, Andre – Graphic Design
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PROJECT De voorbeeldige samenleving

For our public safety we increasingly rely on computer algorithms. Risk assessments are based on opaque criteria we don’t have access to. But what is considered normal? And when are you considered an anomaly in the eyes of an algorithm? “De voorbeeldige samenleving” challenges spectators to submit to the process of contemporary profiling and judgement in a social context. It is about classification and the opaque, subjective criteria that are inherently connected to data.

THESIS De vervaagde definitie van grafische vormgeving

Graphic design is under pressure. Over the last decades the boundaries of the medialandscape have faded. What is the role of the graphic designer in this rapidly changing information society? ‘De vervaagde definitie van grafische vormgeving’ shows how the debate between Wim Crouwel and Jan van Toorn in 1972 can act as a guideline for today’s graphic designer.

(BA) Graphic Design

Jilderda, Andre

The Netherlands

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