Berner, Caitlin – Graphic Design
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PROJECT We are all digital hoarders

How do digital media and endless digital storage influence the way we capture, share and reminisce about our personal memories? We have less and less tangible keepsakes but save more than ever. As a result, memories get lost in the mass of files on our computers where they then usually stay untouched. The sheer volume and lack of organization of digital files discourages most people from accessing and reliving them. To remember we have to take the time to review and interact with the digital files, rather than just amass them. This project sheds light on a growing problem: is digital hoarding causing us to lose sense of what is really worth keeping?

THESIS The life and death of digital signs and when to kill them - When the floppy becomes a 3D-printed save-button

Taking graphical user interface (GUI) icons as a starting point this thesis touches upon the subject of acceleration of technological developments and our addiction to the ‘new’. It discusses how significance of GUI icons is created and how they can lose their meaning when the objects they are based upon become obsolete. This thesis attempts to answer the question: in what way does the design of interface symbols and icons affect the way we see the (physical) world, and, considering the future, should we re-think their design accordingly?

(BA) Graphic Design

Berner, Caitlin

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 2255 3038


Internship at Studio Derk Dumbar & Dayna Casey