Gramberg, Charlotte – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Consume guilt

In a world where we have more knowledge than ever, we also seem to feel more guilty than ever. We’re aware of the influence our actions have on our surroundings, also when consuming. When buying a product, you can almost buy a feeling of guilt when purchasing the ‘wrong’ product. In the consumer market we see that guilt is being distributed and fetishized, and in the exchange for products, can be atoned for. Due to this, you can also purchase products that make you feel ‘responsible’ and with which you can atone for your guilt. My project focusses on different aspects of this feeling of guilt and invites the viewer to participate and think about their guilt.

THESIS Visual Protest / Image metaphors in grassroot movements

My thesis is an investigation in the use of image metaphors in certain Grassroot movements. I analysed 6 cases in total of which 4 were recent grassroot movement: ‘Umbrella movement’ , ‘Pussy Riot’ , ‘Occupy Gezi’ and ‘Je Suis Charlie’. Not only were they very dependent on the internet. I also found that the cases all have one similarity. All these movements fought against certain topics, corruption, repression, freedom of speech. And they all adopted images that could also be seen as a symbol for these topics. Images that could, on their own, have very negative associations. But instead, these movements adopted these images as their identity and got hope and strength out of these symbols. Their weakness became their strenght.

(BA) Graphic Design

Gramberg, Charlotte

The Netherlands

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Internship at VanLennep