Yarashevich, Christina – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Presence in Absence

Nowadays, the sphere of human communication, for the most part, is transferred to the digital environment. Technologies provide a scene for an interaction and seemingly eliminate the distance between people. Especially with the help of face-to-face technologies it is easy to be trapped in the illusion of permanent presence. However, within the digital scene behavior and experience are limited by the mediating technology. Delays, lags, distortions become integral components of a digital dialogue. It changes drastically the quality of relationships and influences an emotional state of interlocutors. Just because you can contact each other more easy through time and space, it does not mean that there is no barrier between you and the other.

THESIS Place talks

There is an important relationship between man and his visual surrounding. The thesis investigates the impact of built environment on humans and what role graphic design plays in it. Typography in the architectural environment in this case is studied as part of an identity of a place. The thesis introduces the research question: How does typography influence the spatial experience of people in a public space? The research demonstrates the relationship between human state, behavior and their physical environment and covers the field of typography, architecture and environmental psychology. This thesis is meant to explain and illustrate the importance of a typography in creation of suitable living conditions for people.

(BA) Graphic Design

Yarashevich, Christina


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