Veenstra, Eelke – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Future: Story / Code

Technology plays a major role in our lives and will most likely continue to do so in the future. However, technology becomes smarter at much faster rate than we humans do. At a certain point in the future we will most likely be outsmarted by ruthlessly efficient technology. In this future world our genuine human characteristics are needed to balance the technological powers that have emerged. Technology works by strict and rigid code while human words create stories and leave room for interpretation. These storyscapes composed of moving visuals supported by spoken words allow us to form our own conclusions based on subtleties and intonations. It is a call to embrace the traits unique only to humans that technology can’t comprehend.

THESIS Hush... or the outside-world... The connection to the computing machines and the democracy of the synthetic world.

Everything and everyone is connected to the I-N. Global tech-companies have provided the world with an irresistible alternative to liberal democracy. Lured by the benefits of digital techniques people are always connected, never leaving home. Humanity has preferred a life in a synthetic world where laws are dictated by the computing machines. For as long as she can remember Maria de la Niña designs experiences, commodities of the synthetic world, for a living. When she is routinely working on an experience involving the discovery of new lands, her own world opens up. Together with her partner; interface designer Victor Stark, they reluctantly choose to leave behind their familiarities and set out to find their reality. ASIN: B01AB7PEIE

(BA) Graphic Design

Veenstra, Eelke

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 2187 8966


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