Broersen, Evelien – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Common Ground; Common Glory

Since we, subconsciously, collectively share, graphic design is often alike. Sometimes this phenomenon even gets confused with copying. It happens because a lot of influences in our lives are common. This project is about reaching for originality through mapping out the collective subconscious. What does the individual subconscious look like? And what are the differences compared to the collective one? A generator will tell, based on given influences in different categories, what the potential is for originality. It will function as a tool. The next step is to change and shift hierarchy. How to make the individual subconscious more unique? The (unreachable) goal; remote ground.

THESIS Common Glory

Copyright is outdated or in retrospect even should have never existed in the form as we know it. It is completely focused on the designer and not on the user of an existing work. It has been violated many times, which proves change is necessary. It’s not realistic and it is counter-productive to have a universal idea about what plagiarism and originality mean. These concepts are filled in differently by each individual. The exempt of a work leads to development. So what restrictions do alternatives for copyright like anticopyright, copyleft, General Public License and Creative Commons offer and what would be most beneficial for the graphic designer, a design and its future development?

(BA) Graphic Design

Broersen, Evelien

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 3856 1925


Internship at Studio Renate Boere