Kerekes, Gábor – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Parliament of Bots

“Parliament of Bots” is a setting in which customized chat-bots argue about issues and agendas of digital space. They discuss privacy, internet freedom, open-source, the blockchain, the politics of platforms, information overload and the pollution emitted by data centers. Each bot has a uniquely sculpted personality and takes different sides on these issues. The setting resembles a parliament, but is open for the public to engage in the conversation led by the bots.

THESIS From Text to Process

In ‘From Text to Process’ I write about ways in which software changes the way we perceive, think and argue about the world. As the age of movable type and printing fostered a certain kind of thinking ― mechanical, linear, object-centered ― so does the age of the software facilitate its own specific mentalities ― evolutionary, interconnected, system-oriented. These changes exert a gravitational pull on the field of design, whereby the role of designers is being re-casted into that of initiators and facilitators of dynamic systems and platforms, rather than producers of physical artefacts.

(BA) Graphic Design

Kerekes, Gábor


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Internship at LustLab