Blom, Jana – Graphic Design
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It’s expected of us to be effective at our job, so we keep putting pressure on ourselves to be as focussed as possible. But what if our brains aren’t made for this type of constant focus? It’s normal that from time to time you lose yourself in the endless world wide web. This just means that your brain needs a little break. Research already proved the brain needs breaks to recharge our focus, but we still feel guilty when we are distracted. This is why I’ve designed different tools to help focus ‘while’ you are working. For example ‘the process table’. A table where you can doodle while listening or discussing. By doing this you process information better. It helps you to pay attention on the content and prevents you from daydreaming.

THESIS How you can apply gra-Wow I like that paper.

In my thesis I examine to what extent graphic design can make written information more attractive and more accessible to people with ADHD. It is not that people with ADHD are not interested in written content, but reading a substantial text requires quite a bit of concentration, which people with ADHD lack and causes them to see reading as an unattractive task.

(BA) Graphic Design

Blom, Jana

The Netherlands

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Internship at Kleurbleur