Scheeve, Joany – Graphic Design
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PROJECT The grey area of social behavior

In our daily life, we all have to deal with contacting others. Each person has his own way of social expressions, but also his or her boundaries. What some persons perceive as a greeting could be interpreted as harassing by others. The outer acts of harassment such as the use of explicit sexual language are clearly recognizable as sexual harassment, less visible is the very subtle way of intimidation. The border between acceptable social behavior and harassment is in some cases very thin, within my project I zoom in on this gray area. One of the elements of my project consists of a suit which is a data visualization of al the touches you receive on a certain day. Hereby the touches become visible and can be rated to a specific kind of touch.

THESIS Untitled

Within my thesis I made a research about the use of titles in contemporary art. A selection of various artists from different time periods. In the research the artists give their own visions on the use of titles. What happened with the development of titles within art that the title: ‘Untitled’ is commonly used nowadays? When was the origin of ‘Untitled’?

(BA) Graphic Design

Scheeve, Joany

The Netherlands

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Internship at Mooijman en Mittelberg