Woudstra, Joeri – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Tuning A Crashed Car

The musician’s physical space or ‘the club’ as we know it has become a musical white cube. To achieve minimal visual input all clubs use the same equipment to decorate the musical environment. The club, however is visually not a neutral space. A certain club aesthetic has manifested from this ideology, completely decontextualized from the music performed in the space. Music is not a visual discipline, and should not be removed from its visual component. Woudstra’s new record references the vernacular subculture of car tuning and its musical context. What would the separate elements from the club look like if they were contextualized to music that references car tuning compilation albums? How do we tune the crashed car that is the club?

THESIS Your Screen As My Album Cover

The visual side of music has always maintained a conventional character. Why doesn’t it’s shape adjust itself to the music? Ever since the beginning of the digital age a shift has taken place within the way we consume music. Vinyl records and cassette tapes are turned into zeros and ones; music literally has no physical shape anymore, still digital artworks remain square. The platforms on which music is being delivered to its audience have massively multiplied and even more important: renewed. With every musician in 2016 visually mimicking the next, the only way of keeping the users attention is to break through the generic standards. The musician should understand the context in which its music operates.

(BA) Graphic Design

Woudstra, Joeri

The Netherlands

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Internship at Metahaven, Amsterdam