John van der Meule – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Social Fit

Our daily lives are becoming more digital than ever before and we don’t even notice it. All social applications on our devices are getting integrated in our daily tasks. We communicate through apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. But, how can we deal with all those apps in a more efficient way? How can we get to the ultimate browser experience? We need to train our hands. Train our fingers for finger isolation; get more strength and stretch them more then we do now. With several video instructions and a set of diverse tools I provide a training module to get to the ultimate browser experience.

THESIS Een Nieuw Verhaal

The way artists and graphic designers treat and re-use existing images can mean a lot. The combining of images can tell a new story and give a new context to the visuals. Appropriation has been used a lot in different aspects in art and design. For example; Dadaism and Pop-Art but still today we see a lot examples. Everyone is capable of remixing footage found on the internet. In my thesis I examine the added value of todays (2016) (over)used imagery in the field of graphic design.

(BA) Graphic Design

John van der Meule

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 14605528


Internship at Pot & van der Velden