de Quaasteniet, Jorick – Graphic Design
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PROJECT The distance to Mars

I have set foot on Mars. Not as part of any space agency, no, the high level of [danger] and [costs] of space travel causes space agencies to set extremely high standards for astronauts. A lack of [skills], [university degrees], [age], [eyesight], and a surplus of [length] already rules me out of being even considered for the job. Therefore, I went to Mars on my own initiative, using only the skills of a [graphic designer] to achieve this goal.

THESIS Extraterrestrial Soliloquies

In the course of the last century, a number of messages have been sent into outer space, specifically designed to communicate with extra-terrestrial life forms. However, as of yet, they remain unanswered. They have become soliloquies ― spoken with the supposedly collective voice of the inhabitants of Earth and sent into the great void of space, with its only audience remaining ourselves. What are we actually trying to communicate with these messages?

(BA) Graphic Design

de Quaasteniet, Jorick

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 2688 0291


Internship at Studio de Ronners