Zavidova, Karina – Graphic Design
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PROJECT There is no app for that

1. This project tells a story of a graphic designer, who uses her body and mind as a medium and exercises to become an ultimate mediator with the help of technology and the tools for self-control. A tool herself, she combines the directness of a machine with sensibility of a human. 2. I am fascinated with the trust in digital technology’s step-by-step problem solving approach. Design, as a human activity which relies on technology and societal processes, is influenced by this excitement, and therefore required to have a problem-solving component. 3. Problems without solutions have gone extinct, like dinosaurs. And paradoxes are next in line. Problem solving or contemplation? Or both?

THESIS Artificial intelligence never has a headache

Following all the developments in technology I often feel overwhelmed and start to compare myself to an AI implementation. Also, the data-driven lifestyle emerges, and a human body is viewed as a set of parameters not only by scientists, but also by us, ordinary individuals. The fear of AI comes from a concept that AI is comparable to human intelligence, and therefore superior. We are afraid that we will be run over by another species. Why the perspective of coexisting with Artificial Intelligence creates an environment where living within the physical body is a disadvantage?

(BA) Graphic Design

Zavidova, Karina


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Internship at Institute of Network Cultures – PublishingLab