Moret, Lisa – Graphic Design
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PROJECT The Real Little Big Fat Super and Sweet

Like millions of other people all over the world, I cannot look away when I see reality shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or “Here comes Honey Boo Boo”. Weekly millions of viewers are attracted to the last escapades of chefs, dancers, singers, toddlers and housewives. Even if you don’t watch reality shows, it’s becoming increasingly hard to avoid. Last year a staggering 750 original reality shows aired just in America, which is why in the last decade it has become a multimillion dollar industry. While on the surface they seem to be promoting true love, survival skills or the perfect cupcake, the shows are actually a big reality check.

THESIS I am a God

Celebrities are perhaps the most talked about, but the less understood element of modern society. The media focus on celebrities has significantly increased in the past few decades. Many will say, that celebrity culture has developed into a virus that infects our society. Even though we must not ignore that we live in a world where the last exploits of the Kardashian family are preferred over other news stories. Some celebrities have achieved a status that goes beyond the human status. Could it be that celebrities are becoming a new source of myths and mythical icons in our modern society?

(BA) Graphic Design

Moret, Lisa

The Netherlands

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