Eggenhuizen, Luc – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Conception of Type

Can type design be subjective to its own content? A temporary exhibition is created focussing on type design. Type design can be created for the purpose of an exhibition, but almost never as the focal point of an event. This typeface is trying to reject usability on a large scale, contrary to what many type designers do. Through mapping and using the fundamentals of type design, a new template for potential shapes is created. There has been sought after a momentary feeling, as letters are searching for tension and form. As for the type specimen, it is attempting to present an alternative publication by combining the digital platform with the good old printed matter, rather than instructing the use. The typeface is not for sale.

THESIS A research upon the influence of the digital era on typography: Temporal, Fluid, Responsive, Interactive, Random

In this thesis I worked towards understanding the evolution of typography and type design within the digital platforms, where moving elements are more and more becoming a standard. The positioning of “moving” typography within the graphic design field continues to expand, discovering new conceptual and aesthetic qualities. Considering that the aesthetic power of “static” typography should not be undermined in the digital platforms, I find it important as a graphic designer to position myself in search of the legitimacy of these aesthetics.

(BA) Graphic Design

Eggenhuizen, Luc

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 2841 9070


Internship at Studio Remco van Bladel