Weise, Marlen – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Visual Plasticity – Rewiring the Brain –

This project is a machinery designed to make you aware of our eye-mind-connection; how we give meaning to what we see. For many visuals we have automated thought processes; how we interpret a symbol or how we value a certain appearance. Many times, linking a connotation to a visual happens so fast, it becomes unconscious. This projects attempts to make this a conscious process by guiding you through different stages of visual perception. In each of the steps you are confronted with one of the brains mechanisms to process visuals. Designed as a machinery to participate in “Visual Plasticity” influences your perception and gives you the opportunity to train your brain in a ‘visual training lab’ to give a new meaning to a known visual.

THESIS Cognitive Conceptual Approach to Information Design

With the starting point of the challenges of knowledge acquisition in our current age this thesis introduces an approach for information design based on neuroscientific research. The value of individual knowledge is questioned due to the mega-abundance of information and to its accessibility. With the believe of an still existing value of an amount of individual knowledge we are looking at visual knowledge transmission to aid knowledge creation. Neuroscientific research can provide insight into internal mechanisms of knowledge creation and the cognitive process. Knowledge has to be encoded in order to be transmitted and reconstructing the cognitive structures is an attempt to use compatible encoding schemes for sender and receiver.

(BA) Graphic Design

Weise, Marlen


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