van den Berg, Marloes – Graphic Design
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PROJECT The curtains are closing

We live in a world filled with borders and walls. During the last couple of years the amount of border walls has risen dramatically, but what is the physical appearance of these border walls? Can our generation feel the tension that these border walls carry with them? In this project I show what kind of influence these walls can have on the people who have to live besides them. And simulate the tension that is normally felt around these walls and raise our awareness for the people who are held outside or kept within them. To create a feeling of in- and exclusion.

THESIS Graphic visions on the border wall

In this thesis, I explored what kind of border walls are evident in society, how they are represented in graphics and if such representations fit reality. If it is possible to capture the complexity of border walls within the graphical world. Apparently a vast majority of the analyzed border walls juxtapose with how they are presented graphically. Perhaps more dimensions could be added to the border walls and their graphical existence. Although there seems to be a major problem and that is presenting details on a small scale that is mostly the case when one tries to design border walls graphically.

(BA) Graphic Design

van den Berg, Marloes

The Netherlands

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Internship at Eddie The Eagle Museum