de Heer, Martijn – Graphic Design
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PROJECT World Wide Repository

“The World Wide Repository” is an infinite repository containing all the possible books which are filled with all the possible information that exists on the internet. The repository uses the network as a tool for writing, editing and designing. At its core the World Wide Repository gives a perspective on the possibilities of the dynamic online network and the static form of the book. Both the internet and the book are used as strategies of designing information. The selection of books that are exhibited are my subjective reading from this infinite repository. These books reinforce the perspective of the repository. They answer the question how the internet can give new meaning to the book. Both as a concept and as a practice.

THESIS Book/Hypertext/Protocol/

In my thesis I search for what the internet as a network, archive and tool could mean for graphic design, in both practical and conceptual ways. I search for new ways of interpreting this medium by asking a question that came to me when I discovered the Web-to-Print practices. Becoming my main research question: What is the purpose of using internet’s native functionality as a primary tool to produce books? My thesis has come to develop a train of thought. Describing an approach of design in which graphic design should not use the internet only for conditional, dynamic, web or interactive design but instead, use the internet as a tool that is infinitely powerful in its abilities and functionalities.

(BA) Graphic Design

de Heer, Martijn

The Netherlands

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Internship at RAAAF