Naus, Naomi – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Designation

We look around and are realizing we are living in revolutionary times, it’s the branding of this generation. It’s a mode, it’s an attitude. Individuality seems to be the way to lead life on your own terms. But the terms keep getting more specific, making us even more isolated and lonely. The power and intelligence of the collective are systematically underestimated in our individualistic culture. I believe we should capitalize on the possibility of collaboration as an opportunity for connection, not necessarily as a threat to authenticity.

THESIS In Search of Significance

There is a crisis of value. Future graphic design graduates struggle with finding, or even better, creating our own path to embark on in the field of graphic design. It is as equally difficult for a company to find the right person for the open vacancy. The labour prospects clash with the expectations and wishes of the graduates and vice versa. This research is a critical manifestation of the designer as author, attempting to give context into the possibilities of graphic design as a tool in a new era, where perspective and positioning is so necessary.

(BA) Graphic Design

Naus, Naomi

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 4824 7497


Internship at Zinnebeeld