van Horik, Octavia – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Password Rituals

Every day we use passwords to access our bank accounts, email, social media and much more”¦ Our world grows more and more interconnected and consequently we have to be more secure about our passwords. These passwords are all that stand between our personal information and criminals who try to access this data for their own benefit. But how secure are your passwords? How should you save your passwords? And how many passwords can you remember? “Password Rituals” aims to help people suffering from password fatigue. Rituals will be performed in order to create, save and remember highly secure passwords.

THESIS Creativity as Discovery

My thesis aims to investigate the role of creativity within the creative process and research; the role it plays in relation to the unexpected outcome. Chance, the spontaneous, the happy accident. Random events have played a vital role in the creative process. How can the creative process be design in order to construct an unexpected outcome?

(BA) Graphic Design

van Horik, Octavia

France/The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 1807 9553


Internship at 75B