Henneberke, Rafael – Graphic Design
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PROJECT A Space For Spectating

Frames connect spaces and frame the way we perceive. They create focus, limitations and order. We’re constantly surrounded by them and they shape our everyday access to the world around us. The way we structure and navigate in the virtual world is similar to how we interact with our physical world. The materiality of our digital spaces and our immobility as users of the screen are changing and so does our work environment. If our desktop becomes our environment, how do we give order to a 360° workspace? We should question and redesign the frame in order to create new ways of interacting with our workspace.

THESIS Perceptual Frames

A research on the relationship between the frame and the human experience of looking. How do frames influence our way of perceiving? Through the window, the painting, the photograph, the film and the screen.

(BA) Graphic Design

Henneberke, Rafael


0031 (0)6 2762 5978


Internship at Epilogue, San Francisco