van der Gragt, Reni – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Een Geraffineerd Proces

We live in a fast moving society. Everybody is busy with being successful, having a great social life, looking good and capturing every single moment on social media, so everyone can see what a brilliant life you have. In the meantime, your body is giving lots of signs, but you’re not listening. You just go on with rushing through life like everybody else is doing. Your mood, energy, appetite, ability to think, sex drive, sleep habits, or actually your overall health is influenced by nutrition, by the things you eat. But we have no clue of what we’re eating anymore. With “Een Geraffineerd Proces” I would like to slow you down, and let you search for the details of our food production, marketing and consumption.

THESIS Bewust (W)eten

Instead of searching and hunting for food, like we used to, it became difficult to avoid food. Everywhere you look you see food, or advertising that will try to tempt you to buy food. An immense choice in food products overwhelms us in our supermarkets, leaving us not knowing which choice of products is healthy. We know so little about nutrition and health, that we just rely on the authorities that inform us; our government, producers of food products and our supermarkets. But can we rely on these authorities in informing us appropriately or are we being misled to consume as much as possible? What role does the government play in educating consumers as to what is in the food products that we can find in our supermarkets?

(BA) Graphic Design

van der Gragt, Reni

The Netherlands

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Internship at VTH&V – Merel van 't Hullenaar & Niels Vis