Kloppenburg, Sanne – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Stille getuigen

Sanne Kloppenburg is fascinated by the possibility of multiple interpretations of one location. The moment when something happens, the location switches in meaning. A container is created, which embodies a certain load. In her work she is showing different windows on reality. Kloppenburg plays with the relations between sound, image and language. She deconstructs and reconstructs narratives. Her final exam work is separated into fragments, where different media play a role as a storyteller. They can be experienced separately, but when it is perceived in its totality, a different narrative becomes visible. She asks the question how a location can be a silent witness of a dramatic event. The location looks the same, but is it?

THESIS Reframing

A frame, or frame of reference is a complex schema of unquestioned beliefs, values etc. that we use when creating meaning and get a grip on how we perceive reality. If any part of that frame is changed, the meaning that is created may change as well. This is called Reframing. This technique originates from the psychiatric field. Designers can adopt a strong position to control the perception or to raise questions. This thesis is a research on how image makers (with a focus on graphic design) challenge the viewer to look in a different way than usual, by making use of the technique Reframing. The thesis also investigates what we can learn from exchanging information of this technique between psychiatry and design.

(BA) Graphic Design

Kloppenburg, Sanne

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 5109 7221


Internship at Burobraak, Amsterdam