Neppelenbroek, Sophie – Graphic Design
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PROJECT More reason to live

I am tall and always have considered this a disadvantage. Being insecure about my length is my personal story, but figures are telling something else. Apparently I should be very happy with it! There are large differences in body-lengths. You may not find that a big issue, but do you realize the influence on various other differences between people? Tall men should be happier, earn more money and be more likely to become a leader. Tall women should have more friendships. And so on! What remains of the hierarchy when you change body lengths? What happens in the perception and interaction when people experience a different length or are all put on the same level? This project offers participants an experience of a different body-length.

THESIS Van top tot teen

In the perception of the human figure various factors play a role: space, human figures and other objects. This thesis is about how they affect each other and how they are applied in visual arts. The research question is: What happens to the perception of the human figure as it is portrayed in a certain relation to space and other objects? The space in which figures are depicted affects perception. Perspective, large and small objects, light and dark are ways of manipulation. Open or closed spaces differently affect perception. Three-dimensional works show a real space, but two-dimensional art offers an illusion of space.

(BA) Graphic Design

Neppelenbroek, Sophie

The Netherlands

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Internship at Overburen