Tomas Komen – Graphic Design
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PROJECT When you are forced to move

“When you are forced to move”, is an interactive storytelling about three Syrians that had to flee their country because of the civil war. The project is the answer to questions that I asked Syrian refugees that were located in Holland. The stories in the project are told by them as a narrative. The narrative combines pictures and music from their mobile phone, together with data analyses and social media content to get a clear view. The viewer is guided through the steps the refugees had to make from Syria to Holland. With this project I would like to give more understanding and information about Syrian refugees as a person.

THESIS Kunstzinnige vertaling van de betekenis van voedsel

A thesis that researches the changing and importance of the representation of food in the image. Beginning from the first pre-historic cave paintings, till the contemporary digital image of food.

(BA) Graphic Design

Tomas Komen

The Netherlands

0031 (0)6 46528637


Internship at Studio Anne Marie Geurink & Annelou van Grinsven