Gay, Valeria – Graphic Design
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PROJECT Virtual chickens

A group of individuals are encountering a big change. They’re turning allegorically into “chickens”. Inspired by the absurd play “Rhinoceros” by Ionesco, my work wants to point out a dangerous shift that has just begun in our society. A shift where virtual violence against a mutable enemy is turning into reality. The “chickens” share their fear and hate online; they influence each other but they’re not aware that their virtual behaviours are gradually exploding into the real world. With puzzled looks, they don’t recognise anymore what’s real and what is not; what belongs to the Internet and what happens for real in the tangible world. They eventually begin a real fight against an enemy they’ve built themselves.

THESIS On Bread, Water and Wi-Fi

On Bread, Water and Wi-Fi is the attempt to prove that today the Internet, and more specifically Google, is dictating our culture through false models of freedom. For this reason, I believe that autonomous thinkers are needed more than ever, because they can break those models. When I say autonomous thinkers, I refer to public intellectuals: those creators who, via their public speeches, challenge the forced silence or tacit agreement that is imposed by dominant powers. These public intellectuals and provocateurs are not afraid of using the arts and the public platform to shake people’s complacency.

(BA) Graphic Design

Gay, Valeria


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